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We accept the following file formats TIF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, AI, PSD, and PDF.



All file formats must have a minimum of 300 dpi (dot per inch) resolution.



The images designed for the web are done at a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 300 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.

Top Categories:

Magnetic Signs

Mobile adverstising is the quickest method to advertise your business.  Whether you have a car, truck, van or need custom sizes, Triple J Publishing can qucikly create your brand and have your product being noticed everytime you or your employees drive your vehicle(s).

We Also Print:

Greeting cards

Cards for every occasion, from birthdays to weddings


Document Binding

Choose from coil, thermal, or staple binding.  Whether you have a small document or a large document, Triple J Publishing will complete your project to meet your conferenece, business, or personal needs.


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